General Conditions

Prices stated on our price list and internet site are given in Euros, TVA included and tourist tax not included.

Camping sites

Reservations can only be made by filling the reservation form and after approval by the camping manager and based on availability.
The present form has to be signed and returned with the deposit of € 65 and the administration costs of € 10, within one week
of receipt of the form. Beyond this period the option will be cancelled. As soon as the reservation form and deposit (+ administration costs) have been received, we will send you, according to availability, a written confirmation. The confirmation will be definitive only when the payment (by cash, credit card or check) of the deposit and administration costs have been received. In accordance with the article of the consumer code L221-28-12 ° the withdrawal period does not apply for our activity.

Settlement of balance
On the day of arrival, the client will pay the entire outstanding balance of the agreed stay. If not, the booking will be cancelled. The camping site will be considered vacant and no reimbursement (of either deposit or administration costs) will be made to the client. On the day of arrival, the camp site will be available from 12 am. For stays without fixed duration (outside July and August), the payment will be done the day before departure. Administration costs are not applicable.

The management accepts the payment by cash (€500 bill are not accepted), by debit or credit card (except Maestro – American
Express) or by bank transfer.

Cancellation / Interruption of stay
Any departure after the time previously mentioned will result in the payment of an extra night. Nights and services not used because of a late or delayed arrival will still be due and will not be entitled to any reimbursement, reduction or credit. In the event of any change to the agreed upon dates, we will not be able to guarantee the same site. The site cannot be transferred to any third party, unless agreed beforehand with the owner. The client will inform the managment of any changes concerning the number of people. In case of cancellation of the stay, the deposit and the booking fees paid are not refundable and will not give rise to any discount or report.
NB: Weather conditions do not entitle a reimbursement of the stay.

The camping site will only be assigned upon arrival. Requested or neighbouring sites are according to availability. Arrivals are after 12 am and departures before 12 am. The number of people occupying a site cannot exceed the authorised maximum capacity of 5 people. Under-aged persons have to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. We only allow barbecues using wood on thecamping site. Management has the right to give your pitch to anyone else, if we have not received a message from you by email within 24 hours.

Rental of a Mobil Home
A deposit of 20% of the total cost of the stay is required when booking for 1 week and 70% when booking for less than 1 week,
as well as the non refundable administration costs of € 10 and the optional cancellation insurance of € 17.50 per week. In
accordance with the article of the consumer code L221-28-12 ° the withdrawal period does not apply for our activity.

Payment of outstanding balance
The outstanding balance has to be paid 30 days before arrival (without reminder). If the balance is not paid within the time limit,
the management reserves the right to cancel the reservation. The deposit will not be reimbursed. The payment of deposit and/or
balance can be paid by bank card, bank transfer or cash. For bank transfers:
IBAN : FR76 1810 6000 1295 3941 7605 162
On the day of arrival, the Mobil Home will be available after 3pm.

The management accepts the payment by cash (€500 bill are not accepted), by debit or credit card (except Maestro – American
Express) or by bank transfer.

Cancellation / Interruption of stay
In case of cancellation of the reservation or interruption of stay, the management will not give any reimbursement to clients except those who will have subscribed to the cancellation guarantee.

Cancellation Guarantee
The cancellation guarantee is offered to clients but optional. It allows the reimbursement of the deposit or the total amount of the
stay in case of cancellation due to any of the following events: serious illness, death, accident, loss of employment for economical
reasons, water damage, natural disasters.
The client will be reimbursed:
– to the amount of the deposit paid (after deduction of the administration and cancellation costs) if cancellation occurs between
the reservation date and the 30th day before the arrival date mentioned on the contract.
– to the total amount of the stay paid (after deduction of the administration and cancellation costs) in case of events happening less than 30 days before the arrival date mentioned in the contract. Any cancellation has to be notified by registered letter or email; telephone calls are not valid. Original documents and certified copies have to be sent to the camping.

Any renting is personal and cannot be transmitted or sublet. Any person, not mentioned on the renting contract, will not be allowed to stay without previous agreement from the management.
July and august: renting from saturday to saturday / friday to friday for GLII
Arrival: from 3pm until 8pm. Departure: 9.30am at the latest.
Outside july and august: flexible duration of stay (minimum 2 nights).
For arrival and departure please contact management.
In Mobil Homes children from 0-2 years are free. For this to be applicable, the client will be asked to present to the management,
on the day of arrival, an identity document of the child.
For the renting of Mobil Homes a guarantee deposit of €150 (no deposit taken by credit card) for possible damage must be paid
upon arrival before occupying the accommodation. This guarantee deposit will be refunded after inventory and checking on the
day of departure. The accommodation has to be cleaned and returned in the same state as you found it. A forfait of € 50 will be
retained if the accommodation is not returned in the best state of cleanliness possible or if the renter has smoked inside the Mobil
Outside reception opening hours departure from the mobil homes is not allowed.
Any additional installation next to the rental is prohibited (except a shelter).
In case of breakage you are responsible for replacement of item. A guarantee deposit of € 20 (no deposit taken by credit card) will
also be required for the key of the entrance gate barrier.

Animals are admitted on the grounds if they have been declared upon booking. They must be permanently on a leash and don’t
disturb the peace and safety of the other residents. Management reserves the right to limit the number of animals per location.
Owners must respect elementary rules of hygiene (the owners will make sure the animal does not defecate inside the camping and
will have to clean any dirt resulting).
They are not allowed under any condition in Mobil Homes, on play ground areas or in the bathrooms.

All visitors must present themselves at the reception and a fee of € 6 per person is due. They will have to park their vehicle outside the camp ground and are admitted under the responsibility of the resident.

Night silence
The camping residents are expected to respect the internal regulations available at the reception, especially concerning the night

Disturbances and damages
Each resident is responsible for the disturbances and nuisance caused by the people who are staying with them. If a resident causes a disturbance or damage to the other residents, or to the camping facilities, their stay will be immediately terminated. There will be no reimbursement aside of any demands for compensation that the management or others might claim against him.

The responsibility of the camp ground, beyond its legal responsibility, is not applicable in case of:
– Theft, loss or damage, of any nature, during or following a stay.
– Disturbances due to natural or external phenomena (weather, mosquitoes, fleas, work being executed outside the camping…)
– Failure or switching off of technical equipment, failure or closure of camping facilities. The customer must be insured with an
insurance of a company of his choice to cover damage occurring fire, explosion, theft, bad weather conditions or other damage to
the customer’s personal belongings and in case of damage arising out of his civil liability.

The equipment and facilities of the camping have to be used in accordance with their normal purpose. Any degradation of the
buildings, loss or destruction of furniture which furnish the accommodations or the general buildings is fully the responsibility of
the perpetrator. The client who rents an accommodation or a camping site is personally responsible for all the damages, losses or
degradations caused to the accommodation and to any camping facilities made by the persons who are staying or visiting them. They have to own a Third Party insurance.

Any possible complaint(s) concerning the non-conformity of the service(s) with the contractual commitments must be indicated
in writing (LRAR) to the manager of Camping Le Solitaire du Lac. If the answer does not satisfy you, you can contact the Medicys
Mediation Center after one month following your mailed requet(s). You must open an online file on the following website www. or send it by post mail:
Medicys – 73 Boulevard de Clichy – 75009 PARIS.

The information that the customer communicates to us during his booking request will not be transmitted to any third party. This
information is considered confidential. Data will be used only by the management, for the processing of the reservation request and to communicate with the customer. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose personal data concerning you. Such request can be done by mail to the following address by indicating your last name, first name and address to Camping Le Solitaire du Lac – 615 route de sales – 74410 Saint-Jorioz.

The gates are open from 7am until 11pm, outside these hours vehicles are not allowed to drive inside the camping grounds. From 10pm clients are requested to respect the silence.
The reception is open from 8am until 8pm. (July / August)